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Our First Video is posted! - 7/7/2012. We posted our first soccer drill video and we are working on many more, please keep checking back...... (more)

All about goalkeepers - 4/30/2012:
The goalkeepers are the last line of defense and a very important link in a soccer team. Their job is certainly one of the toughest on the pitch, since their mistakes are a lot more visible than the mistakes of their fellow field players. Goalkeeping has changed a lot since the days of Sepp Maier and Lev Yashin. Modern goalkeepers have more attributions than just preventing the ball from passing the goal-line... [read more]

The importance of possession - 4/30/2012
It is man's destiny to evolve as much as he can in order to fulfill his true potential. While I can't lay claim to what is best to do for man, I do have some ideas as to what is better for the soccer player of our days to do. While a godly physique and natural talent always come in handy, what many haven't got can be amended through tactical knowledge. Soccer has evolved, there's no denying... [read more]

The offside trap - 4/30/2012
If you love football as much as I do, you probably know that one of the hardest things to do when it comes to it is to be confined to either the bench or the stand. Goodness me, I'm not saying that reserves, supporters or coaches don't have their role in the beautiful game, I was merely trying to state that from there you can feel so hopeless in helping your team, especially when they need it the most... [read more]

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