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Law 6 - The Assistant Referees

Duties Two assistant referees may be appointed whose duties, subject to the decision of the referee, are to indicate: when the whole of the ball leaves the field of play which team is entitled to a corner kick, goal kick or throw-in when a player may be penalized for being in an offside position when a substitution is requested when misconduct or any other incident occurs out of the view of the referee when offenses have been committed whenever the assistant referees have a better view than the referee (this includes, in certain circumstances, offenses committed in the penalty area) whether, at penalty kicks, the goalkeeper moves off the goal line before the ball is kicked and if the ball crosses the line Assistance The assistant referees also assist the referee in controlling the match in accordance with the Laws of the Game. In particular, they may enter the field of play to help control the 10 yards distance. In the event of undue interference or improper conduct, the referee will relieve an assistant referee of his duties and make a report to the appropriate authorities.

Interpretations of Law 1

Duties and responsibilities The assistant referees help the referee to control the match in accordance with the Laws of the Game. They also assist the referee in all other matters involving the running of the match at the request and direction of the referee. This commonly includes such matters as: inspecting the field, the balls used and players’ equipment determining if problems with equipment or bleeding have been resolved monitoring the substitution procedure maintaining back-up records of time, goals and misconduct

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