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Passing Drill: Shoot and Ladder

Drill by: Coach Thomas Neave Goodman

I created this drill when I noticed that when doing drills my players would not change pace and did not pass into space, so I have the players go through the ladders changing their pace, then I created passing that had to be in space so the players would recieve the ball after doing the ladder.


This drill requires half a field, 4 cones and 2 ladders (or one ladder that splits in half)

The Drill:

The player nearest the goal makes a long pass to the player at midfield; as soon as the pass is made the player goes through the nearest ladder. At the same time the midfield player receives the pass and passes the ball back into space in front of the ladder near the goal, as soon as the midfield player makes his pass he then goes through ladder at midfield. The player nearest the goal then receives the ball and lays the ball off for the midfield player who should be finishing the ladder and makes a first touch shot on goal.

Coaching points:

The best way to fine tune this drill is to move the cones and ladders until the drill is moving at a good speed.

Players need to watch the weight of the passes and learn to keep their eye on the ball when doing the ladder.

Drill Links:

Space & Equiptment:
  • 4 Discs or Cones
  • 2 Ladders or One Ladder that splits
  • Several Soccer Balls

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