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Possession Drills


Long has passed since the days when the English used to pump balls up the field from their defenders and goalies to their robust strikers with total disregard to the meticulous construction of scoring opportunities through elaborate passes and possession of the ball. Those days had their charm, there's no denying that. But if you want to compete at the very top level of soccer, nowadays, that tactic can prove as costly as the result itself if you try to implement it.

Back then, the whole look of the game was different and in truth, that tactic was so effective and thus embraced by so many because of the fact that the way the game used to be played allowed it to be. But now, the whole rhythm of the game has changed, the spaces are fewer and fewer and the sheer speed at which the game is played doesn't allow for sluggish attack moves. The target man from long ago that used to have as prime merits his height, his heading ability and an acute lack of speed has been replaced by the more tricky poacher with combinative skills, on top of his deadly first touch and instinctual finishing.

Possession Drills:

 Mini Keep Ball
 Keep the ball with this easy possession
 drill designed for all ages

 Keep Ball Circle
 This possession drill is designed to keep the ball
 moving continuously between players

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