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Passing Drill: Passing Skills

Drill by: Coach Thomas Neave Goodman

I use this drill a lot when working with players touch and passing, once the players memorize the progression it is very easy to set up. I have noticed with the amount of artificial turf fields growing in the game in a normal season its common to go from turf to grass one game after another, so I sometimes do this drill before the game to get the players used to the field. This drill is also useful when you only have a few players because this drill is run with pairs, and the amount of equipment is low because you only need 2 discs per pair and a ball per pair

While this drill can be used with cones I find that with younger players they knock over the cones quite often and it makes the drill slow down, and like with most drills you want to get each player as many touches as possible.

Setup for this drill is setting up two disks about shoulder width apart per pair, the more advanced the players the farther the width can be between the cones. The players should stand about a half step away from the cones, this again can be changed depending on the players who are involved, I have found that the closer you are to the cones the harder it is to get a first touch

The Drill

Outside-Outside-Inside: The first progression should be Outside-Outside-Inside the player will receive the ball with the outside of the foot with the first touch, the second touch it also with the outside of the foot while the final touch (the pass) is with the outside of the foot. Do this for about two minutes before switching directions (this changes the foot used for the drill) and do the new switched direction for another two minutes before switching progressions

Inside-Inside-Outside: This second progression can be either done all with one foot or two feet, the first touch is with your inside of your foot and the second touch with the inside again and then either the outside of your same foot (much harder) or the outside of your opposite foot.

With Laces: With this progression one of the players handles the ball tossing the ball to the other players feet ten times each before you switch players, the player receiving the ball uses the laces to get the ball back to the player who is throwing the ball and then shuffling to the other side to laces again

Inside of Foot: Using the inside of the foot is almost the same as the "with laces" progression just using the inside of your foot.

Head: The final progression to this drill is using headers to get the ball back to your partner.

Coaching points

The first touch is very important and this drill is designed to get the first touch of the ball to come across the players body and being able to weigh that touch based on the width of the discs.

Drill Links:

Space & Equiptment:
  • 2 Discs or Cones per Pair
  • 1 Soccer Ball per pair

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