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Passing Drills


Teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have shown the world that the key to dominate a soccer game lies in great passing. A few decades ago, the English style, which brought home quite a few European trophies, pretty much ignored the role of the midfielders choosing to skip them entirely through long balls. Even though successful, this particular style was hardly an entertaining one. Nowadays, modern teams have adopted a completely different tactic, emphasizing on the importance of a smart and agile midfielder. After all, who doesn't love players like Xavi Hernandez or David Silva?

The most important quality of a good soccer midfielder is usually a natural gift; it's his capacity to read and understand the game. A good soccer midfielder has to spot open spaces, make useful passes and ultimately create goal chances for their teammates.

There are numerous ways of passing a soccer ball, the simplest and the most precise procedure is to use the inside of your foot. This is recommended for short distance passes. When performing a long pass use the instep or the sole. Here are a few simple and fun passing drills.

Passing Drills:

 Passing Skills
 This is a good drill is a great drill
 for players of all ages

 Two One Passing
 This is a good drill for learning defensive
 keys designed for u12-u18

 Running Lanes
 A good preseason basic drill to help
 you build on the skills of your player

 Passing Alley
 A good preseason basic drill to help
 you build on the skills of your player

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