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Goalkeeper Drill: Machine Gun


Being a goalie is one tough position in soccer. Diving, lunging, sprinting forward on breakaways: they are required to be athletic and nimble. Goalies also hold the most coveted and hated trait of any soccer position: they can use their hands. Make great saves, and everyone loves goalies, but miss a shot or get chipped, and every blames you. The following drill is super simple, and is meant for a team. Most of the time, coaches do this at the end of practice as a reward to the players, and to work the goalie. You'll need eight or more players, a ball for each player, a goalie, and a net.

Have all the players number off, depending on how many there are. Then have each player line up on or around the top of the 18-yard-box, ready to shoot. Make sure they are not in numerical order.

This drill will make the goalkeeper move and work. All the drill consists of is the coach, or whomever, yelling out the numbers to shoot. When the player hears their number, they shoot. By calling out each number at a quick pace, the goalkeeper gets a relentless barrage of shots for a solid thirty seconds. And by having the players in a random order, the goalkeeper won't know where the shoot will be coming from.

This is one of the more fun drills out there, but it's great for goalkeeper conditioning. And the players get to have fun shooting.

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