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Finishing (Heading & Shooting) Drills


Goals are the reason the entire world is watching soccer and they can only be scored by either shooting, or heading the ball in to the net. Every other skill leads to one final aim, a shot at the goal. It takes skill as well as bravery to produce quality shooting.

Strikers will face many shooting situations in a game and therefore it's vital for them to cover a vast array of shooting drills in training. A good striker has to assess the flow of the game in a matter of seconds before deciding to shoot or pass the ball to a better placed teammate. One extra touch is enough to ruin a perfect shooting position. To improve the proficiency of a striker, practice everything from free kicks, volleys and lobs to first time shots and headings.

What makes a striker or a centre forward great? Most likely, the ability to score a large amount of goals. In the end, soccer fans only remember the goals and the scorers. It doesn't matter how hard a striker works on the field, if he doesn't have his name on the score sheet before the final whistle, his job is not complete. The key characteristics of a good striker are speed, power and the ability to shoot the ball into the net. What about heading, you may ask? Well, heading is a bonus. While there are hundreds of great strikers who can't head a ball to save a kitten, there are also a select few soccer players who posses all the required skills plus heading. And this is normal, as heading the ball is an unnatural process. We humans are wired to instinctively protect what is arguably the most important part of our body, the head. Basically, hitting your head on an object requires defeating the human nature. That's why soccer heading drills are so much more difficult than any other training sessions.

Finishing Drills:

 Shoot and Ladder
 A drill that works on shooting and passing
 this drill is good for older players.

 Name a Pocket
 A intersting take on a old shooting drill
 where the shooter names a area.

 Heads Up
 A basic drill for practicing heading
 this drill is good for all ages.

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