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Dribbling Drills


We all know that dribbling is the most delicious part of a soccer game, even more so when the final result is a beautiful goal. It's no wonder that players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are revered nowadays. But, before imagining yourself in front of a full stadium playing along such players, you need to learn a few basic tips involving dribbling.

First and foremost, to become a good dribbler you need to spend a lot of time with the ball and learn to use the entire surfaces of the foot. It's important while dribbling to touch the ball with every step; this allows you to change direction quickly if you find yourself charged by a defender. At the same time, having close control of the ball makes retaining the possession easier in the eventuality of an opponent's tackle.

Second, keep your head up all the time. You need to read the game well and analyze every possible outcome of a future dribble. After all a dribble that doesn't provide any space for you or your teammates is hardly worth the effort. The dribbling has to matter; doing one just for the sake of it makes you a poor team player. Take Zidane for example, his amazing dribbles were not made with the purpose to humiliate the opponents, but as a way to break the defense and create spaces. And he was doing it with his head up most of the time.

Dribbling Drills:

 Double Double This
 Teach players to keep the ball close,
 and use of multiple parts of the foot

 Up The Ladders
 This is a drill that works on basic
 ladder skills and adds competition

 Cone Chase
 This is a good drill for dribbling and
 working the goalkeeper

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