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Dribbling Drill: Double Double This

Drill by: Coach Thomas Neave Goodman

This is more of a skill then a drill, but it is a skill that I use in many of my drills. This is a great skill to teach players to keep the ball close to their body and encourages the use of multiple parts of the foot.

This skill has three commands: Double This and That

Double: The double command is a dribble with the front of your foot or the laces.

This: The This command is a dribble with the inside of your foot.

That: The That command is a dribble with the outside of your foot.

Putting it together: Now that we have the three commands we can put them together to make our dribbling song that goes:

Double, Double, This, This
Double, Double, That, That
Double, This
Double, That
Double, Double, This, That

You can dribble this song in a line or what I like to do is do this skill in a restricted space because other players will have to watch out for other players, and this will increase their skill watching out for other players.

Drill Links:

Space & Equiptment:
  • 1 Soccer Ball per person

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