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Dribbling Drill: Cone Chase


No matter how good a drill is for underlying skills, players will always prefer drills that look, and feel like a match environment. This second drill develops ball control, balance - and best of all gives them a shot on goal as a reward for their efforts.

Set up a goal with your best keeper between the sticks. Then create two parallel lines of cones facing the goal. Each line should be about twenty yards long - ten cones each two yards apart, and finishing up on the edge of the penalty area.

This drill is also going to be a real workout for your keeper!

Split the other players into two teams, A and B - one behind each line of cones, with plenty of balls available. At the coaches first whistle the first player in line one begins to dribble through the cones- to the left of the first, to the right of the second and so on. Both ball and player must pass around the cone not over it. As soon as he passes the final cone he must shoot. But, it's not that simple because as soon as this A Team player reaches the midpoint of his line of cones, the coaches whistle blows again and B Team begins. Obviously it's in the B Team player's interest to catch up with his opponent in the first line as much as possible in order to get his shot off before the keeper has fully recovered his position - and in turn this B Team player is now being chased by the second player from the A Team. If any player ever is caught up by an opponent who draws alongside him, he has to step out of the line and forfeit his shot, in which case his next team mate immediately begins from the first cone in that line.

The winning team is the one that has scored most goals after every player has been through the cones once. This drill can occasionally create some amusing situations, as enterprising players use their skill, creative thinking and shooting abilities to try to edge out the other team.

Again a prize or forfeit should be handed out - maybe you should let your goalkeeper decide what that should be after picking him off the ground and thanking him for a job well done!

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