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Blisters make wearing a shoe, and walking and running uncomfortable. These fluid-filled bumps can make it difficult to get up and down the field, and depending on the blister's location, can even make it difficult to work with a soccer ball. A blister generally occurs as a result of repeated friction on the skin, often by clothing or shoes.

Diagnosing a Blister

The doctor will be able to diagnose a blister by simply looking at it. In addition to giving an exact diagnosis, the doctor will also distinguish between a blood blister and a basic blister. This is done by just looking at it. A blood blister will be red in color, while a basic blister will be clear to somewhat white.

How to Prevent Blisters from Worsening

As soon as a blister is noticed, it is important to do some first aid to help prevent it from getting worse. Applying something like a second skin dressing will be helpful in shielding it from further friction. You can also apply petroleum jelly to get a quick burst of relief. This is something that can be done in a pinch in the middle of the game. However, it will melt and as soon as it does it is no longer effective.

How to Prevent Blisters from Forming

How your shoes fit are key in preventing blisters. For shoes that you will spend a lot of time running in, you should choose a shoe that is at least a half size larger than you normally wear. This gives your feet some room to swell when you are playing and practicing in them all day.

Athletic tape can be applied to areas that are blister-prone. Places like the outer side of the foot by the pinkie toe and the heel are often blister hot spots. Just make sure that the tape is wrinkle-free after being applied and that it is not super tight.

The right socks are also beneficial. Avoid cotton socks and go for something synthetic. Make sure that they fit properly and that they stay dry throughout your game or practice.

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